Photo Peace and Human Rights

Peace and Human Rights

Peace and Human Rights

Throughout history, a number of organizations have been set up to maintain peace in the world. The main objective of peacekeeping operations is to protect rights of human, whether they are, working adults or children, free men or prisoners. Peacekeeping efforts aim at restoring human rights.

By undertaking peace-building activities, it is less likely that violence and conflicts become frequent in a country. In other words, peace is where neither violence nor sufferings exist in human lives.

The right to the basic necessities in life sustains peace

Prem Rawat, an ambassador of peace who took the initiative to use messages to promote global peace said that peace is possible even if conflicts arise in many parts of the world nowadays. His contention is to stimulate peace through education. By nurturing the values of peace in people, it is possible to for them to live in harmony because human rights are respected.

In 2012, he founded the TPRF Foundation to address the basic human needs which are food, water and peace. Through The Prem Rawat Foundation, several initiatives have been taken to restore human rights especially among the most deprived people. He launched his project Water for Humanity and Peace to advocate the rights for clear, drinking water. The foundation is concerned about each individual's rights for dignity, peace and prosperity.

The right to freedom of expression promotes peace

The right to freedom of expression guarantees us to be free to express our thoughts and to voice their concerns about an issue. Women in some countries are restricted from speaking out against domestic violence. Some children are subjected to all kinds of abuses when they are forced to work to ensure their family's survival.

On the other hand, women are deprived of their rights to freely express themselves or to condemn the abuses inflicted on them. Such abuses spark a feeling of loss and humiliation in the victimized individuals. Therefore, by advocating the rights to freedom of expression, women and children will be able to get back their dignity. Freedom of expression can empower them to prosperity as it causes improvement to their situation. Eventually, peace will be maintained in the society.

The respect for civil and political rights defends peace

It is sad to know that migrant workers are denied of their civil and political rights. This means that their rights to be free from arbitrary detention and torture are violated. Besides, they cannot live peacefully even though they have made the sacrifice work far from their family and loved ones. Some migrant workers are even deprived of the rights to a bed to sleep and time to rest at night. They are often exposed to health hazards and inadequate treatment.

By restoring their rights to health and decent housing, their dignity will be restored and they can live at peace. If the law protects them and give them the right to be free from sexual exploitation and verbal abuses by the employer, their self-esteem will be enhanced. If their rights for adequate working hours and food were not violated, they would be able to progress well and live peacefully.